Tuesday 13 February 2018

La Desooorden - Ciudad de Papel (2007)

The fourth album from this band from Chile.

La Desooorden was a sextet on this album with a lineup of ebow, trutruca, guitars, percussions, chainsaw, didgeridoo, saxes, piano, bass, ocarina, drums and Spanish vocals.

I have reviewed two of their albums earlier this year and you can find these reviews here and here.

It is a bit difficult to describe their music. But as on their previous album, I would still say the references are Area, Stormy Six, Frank Zappa and Los Jaivas.

The album is a bit more gloomy this time around. The Australian aboriginal instrument didgeridoo has one track for itself.

The music is still pretty jazzy with lots of Frank Zappa and Area like vocals. The music is a bit absurd and avant-garde. A bit da-da ism like music.

We get one hour of music on this album which has a lot of variations and is not that dissonant. It is more gentle atonal than dissonant. And there is a great sense of melody here.

The end result is a good album which should be checked out if jazz and rock with a slight avant-garde leaning is your preferred option.

3 points

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