Tuesday 20 February 2018

Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate - Broken But Still Standing (2017)

The third album from this British band.

Hats Of Gentlemen It's Adequate is a sextet with a lineup of piano, synths, keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, flutes and vocals. Both male and female vocals.

This band with the very original bandname has released three albums and has been flying well under my radar during this time. I dumped into this album by pure accident.

This album starts out as a nice David Gilmour era Pink Floyd album. The first five tracks on this seventy minutes long album is the best tracks on this album.

The album is very Pink Floyd and mainstream rock orientated throughout these seventy minutes. There is also some ambient and some cinematic music here. There is also a lot of electronica too and some pub rock.

The vocals, both male and female, is very good. The album drops a lot in quality during the end of the album and I have not been too sorry during these listening sessions when the album has come to it's final tones.

I guess this album is modern rock, modern mainstream rock with all this electronica and Pink Floyd influences.

This is a decent album. It is also an album which is kicking in all directions. From pub rock to electronica and ambient music. If this sounds interesting, check out this album.

2 points

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