Sunday 4 February 2018

Eela Craig - Hats of Glass (1978)

The third album from this Austrian band.

Eela Craig was a seven piece big band on this album with a lineup of keyboards, guitars, flute, drums, bass, piano and vocals.

I have earlier this year reviewed their debut album. I reviewed their second album One Niter some years ago. You can find these reviews here and here.

Both these albums are good albums so I had a lot of hopes for this one.

Eela Craig has changed a bit style since One Niter. We now get some pretty poppy rock. Well, a lot of the music on this album is pop music. And I am thinking pastoral pop music here. Not uptempo pop music.

There is a lot of sweet sugary keyboards here. So much that it has made this album quite obese. Some of the keyboards are not bad though. They are quite good. The guitars also chimes in now and then.
The vocals are also a bit too sugary, but still pretty good.

A cover of a Chris De Burgh song tells you where this forty minutes long album is heading. In particular when the album opens with this cover version. There are though some half-clever avant-garde'ish interludes here.

The end result is a decent album and a disappointment. I hope their fourth album is better than this one.

2 points

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