Friday 16 February 2018

Amarok - Quentadharken (2004)

The sixth album from this Spanish band.

Amarok was an eight piece big band on this album with a lineup of eastern string instruments, harp, keyboards, accordion, metal percussion, guitars, bass, saxophone, mallet percussion, flutes, violin, drums and Spanish female vocals.
The band was helped out by three guest musicians who provided vibraslap, Spanish guitars and oboe.

This band must not be confused with the Polish neo-prog band or any of the dozens of other bands with the same name.

Amarok has so far released eight albums since 1994. They are a folk rock band with a prog rock leaning.

O boy is this album progressive. It offers a big challenge for any listener.

The basis here is folk rock....... in a liberal sense of that genre. Add lots of Eastern and Middle East influences. Mostly from Turkey. And I mean folk music. Then you can add some rock music, progressive rock and lots of lots of jazz. That with a big spoon of Spanish folk music too.

Ms. Marta Segura's vocals are superb and the signature of this album and probably of this band, too. There is tonnes of other things going on too on this album. An hour long album when we remove the uninteresting bonus tracks from the review.

Yes, this is a progressive rock album and a good one too. It is not an easy listening album though. This album means I may check out some more albums from this band as I find them interesting. They deserve a lot more attention.

3 points

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