Tuesday 13 February 2018

Aleph - Surface Tension (1977)

The one and only album from this Australian band.

Aleph was a sextet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, synths, percussion and vocals.

This band and Sebastian Hardie was the Australian bands who kept the symphonic prog rock flame burning down under. This was the time when Australia was very much isolated from the rest of the world. I can now Skype and send an MP3 album to anywhere in Australia and that would only take a minutes. Back in those days, it took weeks. And the album had to pass the vigorous currency control and the toll customs.

It was hard, living in Australia. They got their own scene and that is how it worked.

Aleph was almost forgotten until a local Australian fan brought them to attention of ProgArchives and I got their album after noticing this band on the same website.

Their music is progressive rock with some very melodic and commercial sounding songs. References are a mix of Yes and Supertramp. There is a heck of a lot of both bands in their music. There is also some Genesis references too.

The music is not particular complex. But the guitarist has some rather wild and wonderful guitar solos. One of them are a rip off of a well known Yes song. You should check out this album yourself and find out which Yes song I am referring to....

This album is just over forty minutes long. The vocals are in the vein of Jon Andersson in Yes and maybe not everybody's cup of tea. They are still good and fits in well with the rest of the music.

This is a good album and one to check out if you think this is something for you. This band deserves some attention. Attention they have never really got.

3 points


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