Monday 19 February 2018

Bruford. Bill - Feels Good To Me (1978)

The debut album from this English artist and drummer.

Bill Bruford on drums had help from Jeff Berlin on bass, Allan Holdsworth on guitars and Dave Stewart on synths and keyboards. A very strong setup.
They also had help from guest musicians who provided bass, flugelhorn and guitars.
Anette Peacock did some great female jazz vocals here.

Bill Bruford is a well known musician from the likes of Yes, Genesis, King Crimson and other bands. He also released four albums on his own and some other albums in other constellations. A great drummer and composer in other words.

I have always been curious about his solo albums. So I purchased some of them. Reviews to follow soon/you can find reviews of the other Bill Bruford albums somewhere else in this blog.

The album starts almost immediate with some scatching jazz vocals from Anette Peacock and I wondered what the heck this album was. Very good vocals and a good song. But I expected fusion.

Anette sings on two tracks and does a very good job. The rest of the album is instrumental fusion with a great deal of jazz too. The musicians does a very good job on this fifty minutes long album. The music is good throughout without really letting rip. This is indeed a good addition to anyone's fusion collection.

3 points

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