Wednesday 21 February 2018

Andwella - World's End (1970)

The debut album from this Northern Irish band.

Andwella was a quartet with a lineup of flutes, guitars, bass, piano, drums, organ and vocals.

Andwella's previous name was Andwellas Dream and they released a very good album called Love And Poetry back in 1969. See my review here.

The band has wisely moved away from the civil unrest torn Northern Ireland and down to London where they released two albums under the name Andwella. Their second album People's People was released the year after (?).

The band had also changed a bit music style. Gone is the flower power and hippie music. In comes rhythm'n'blues and folk rock. Well, mostly blues and rock.

The vocals are pretty raw and in the Mike Patto vein. The flutes adds some flavour. The organ adds some progressive rock flavours.

The album is thirty-six minutes long. It has some rockers and some more mellow songs. It has a good sound and it has it's moments.

It is more an album of historic interest than anything else. Nevertheless, it is not a bad album at all. It sometimes grooves. It is indeed a decent album and just that. Check it out.

2 points

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