Thursday 22 February 2018

Majestic - Epsilon 1 (2014)

The seventh album from this US band.

Majestic is Jeff Hamel on guitars and keyboards.
He has got help from a drummer and four vocalists.

I really like his previous albums and find Jeff Hamel a highly talented composer and musician. Majestic is his project, labour of love and one to check out. You can read my reviews of the other Majestic albums somewhere else in this blog.

The first thing I notice is that this album is substantial shorter than the previous Majestic albums.

That sometimes means the album is punchier and more quality driven than on longer albums. In this case... Well....

Epsilon 1 is fifty-five minutes long and is part 1 of a 2 parts Epsilon series. Both albums released the same year.

The music is neo-prog with a lot of symphonic prog influences and some progressive metal chugging. The vocals are both male and female.

The music is really majestic, soaring and conceptual. This is clearly one piece of music. Not different songs collected in one album.

And the band has again come up with the goods. This is a fascinating, very good album which flows nicely and begs for more music. It is indeed a very satisfying listening. Check it out.

3.5 points

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