Thursday 4 January 2018

Strawbs - All Our Own Work (1973)

The nominally fifth album from this English band.

Strawbs was a quartet on this album with a lineup of guitars, banjo, double bass and vocals. Vocals from both David Cousins and Sandy Denny.

This album was released on the cheap by another record label to cash in on the band. It was recorded in Copenhagen in 1967 and it is their first ever recording and album. It is also Sandy Denny's first ever recording. So yes, I am glad it was released. I have the 1973 version and that is the one I am reviewing.

The second track on this album is the unearthly good Who Knows Where The Times Goes. It is the best folk song ever. But that in Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention's version on their excellent Halfbricking album. The Strawbs version is naked and nowhere as good as Fairport Convention's version. But it still showcases Sandy Denny and it is by far the best song here.

The rest of this album is pretty simple folk songs and does not really offers up anything of any interest. That is, besides of the still teenager Sandy Denny, a force of nature and the best female vocalist of all time. That is the only reason to get this album.

2 points 

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