Saturday 27 January 2018

La Desooorden - Ensayo (2003)

The second album from this band from Chile.

La Desooorden was a sextet with a lineup of percussions, sax, drums, bass, guitars and Spanish vocals.

I have not had the chance to hear their first album, the 2001 album Monstruo De 7 Cabezas so I do not know much about their development. They have released five albums and I have got three of them. The two other albums will be reviewed later this winter/you can find reviews of two other albums somewhere else in this blog.

The band is listed as a fusion/jazz band in ProgArchives and I was expecting some fusion here. Did I get that ?

Yes and no.

There is a lot of fusion here, yes. There is also a lot of folk, krautrock and funk here too with some pop. It is very obvious that this band has been inspired by Rock Progressive Italiano. In particular; a band called Area.

The music on this one hour long album is wild and unpredictable. A bit chaotic too. Which is fine by me as long as there is some good hooks, melody lines and stuff here. There is none. The vocals are OK and so is the rest of the music. It is by all means a decent album, but just that.

2 points

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