Friday 12 January 2018

Acqua Fragile - A New Chant (2017)

The third album from this Italian band.

Acqua Fragile was a trio on this album with a lineup of minimoog, drums, percussions, bass, acoustic guitars and vocals. Vocals mainly in English.
Some guest musicians has provided keyboards, synths and electric guitars.
A chamber orchestra called Tango Spleen Orchestra provides strings and piano.

I got a very big surprise when this album was released. The fact that a new album surprised me. It also surprised me that I had yet to review their previous two albums. You can now find those reviews somewhere else in this blog....
Piero Canavera, Franz Dondi and Bernardo Lanzetti from the 1970s version of this band is back again and they are this trio.

Bernardo Lanzetti delivers some very good vocals too. Ditto for the rest of the band and the other musicians too.

And it did not take many minutes of my first listening session to discover that this album is not three old age pensioner's last feeble hooray. This is a proper album, released by some hungry musicians.

We are in the middle of Rock Progressive Italiano land again. RPI. Though with English lyrics and a couple of Italian lyrics songs. I would have preferred a fully Italian lyrics album. But Acqua Fragile is a bit of an odditity.

And the band is still sailing close to Genesis and Yes. The band has not changed much since their previous album, the one from 1974.

The overall quality is good and it is a nice little forty minutes long album, this one. Their three albums deserves to be checked out as this is not a bad band at all.

3 points  

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