Monday 29 January 2018

Agnes Strange - Strange Flavour (1975)

The one and only album from this band from England.

Agnes Strange was a trio with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums and vocals.

This band was a strange band from Southampton on the south coast of England. The band was signed on the respectable Pye Records. The album though was released on a one-off sublabel of Pye Records. A record label with the same name of a pub chain. The album was sold, or they tried to sell that album from their pubs. For some reasons, that idea did not catch on because the patrons wanted beer instead of this rather dubious looking album.

I am pretty sure the landlords put the album on too and the patrons was treated to forty minutes of.... well.... pub rock.

The music is pretty heavy and a bit psych. There is also a lot of rockabilly here, good old 1950s rock'n'roll. The music is pretty primitive and punk-like. This though punk did not hit the airwaves before the year after.

The music is very loose and not always in tune and on the beat. The vocals are OK, but nothing more than that. The vocalist is not a natural singer, let me put it like that.

If I got the choice between three pints of beer and buying this album, I would have gone for the beer. This album is simply a waste of time and airwaves. It is a turkey as good as any turkeys I have encountered. Don't bother checking out this album.

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