Friday 5 January 2018

Kant Freud Kafka - Onírico (2017)

The second album from this Spanish project.

Kant Freud Kafka is the Spanish drummer Javi Herrera with a lot of guest musicians.
They are providing guitars, bass, drums, synths, violin, viola, cello, bouzouki, mandolin, oboe, synths, percussions and vocals. Both male and female vocals in both Spanish and English.

I reviewed his 2014 debut album No Tenga Miedo back in July 2014 and you can read my review here

I first started to listen to this album when it was released but stopped quite soon afterwords and kicked this review into the long grass and the wilderness. But I have decided to run through most of the new albums from 2017 this month. Hence, this album is again on my agenda.

The music here is a mix of classical music and symphonic prog. There is no denying that. The music is very pastoral with some musical type of vocals, male and female, also added into this mix.

The music is nice on the ears and has a lot of interesting stuff too. It is perhaps a bit too musical sounding and a bit too much classical music. But I really like Javi Herrera and his ideas. Kant Freud Kafka is a very welcome addition to the music scene and my music collection.

This is a good album. A good fifty minutes long album most will find a bit of a challenge. But stick at it and you will like it.

3 points

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