Wednesday 24 January 2018

Ponty. Jean Luc - The Atacama Experience (2007)

The 22th album from this French artist.

Jean Luc Ponty does violins, synths and keyboards on thsi album. He has got help from his quartet, his band, who contributes with bass, percussion, keyboards, drums and piano.
They are helped by Philip Catherine and Allan Holdsworth on guitars.

This album is his, so far, final album as a solo artist. I do not know why he has not continued to release more albums.

Then again, he has a very, very impressive body of work as a solo artist and a member of other bands. You can indeed find a lot of my reviews of his solo albums somewhere else in this blog.

I was not impressed by his latest albums. I was therefore very pleased when I, with a lot of trepidations, put on this album and found an artist going back to his roots.

He has indeed gone back to what he master more than most others. Violin orientated jazz and fusion. There is a lot of Latin influences too on this album. Which is a good thing and adds value to this album.

The tempo here is laidback. The music is laidback jazz with a few uptempo pieces too. The violins are great and the rest of the bands, plus the two guests, are doing a very good job.

The fourteen tracks on this one hour long album is indeed good. There is no great tracks here and the music is not great. But this is indeed a good album. A good jazz album, indeed.

3 points

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