Thursday 11 January 2018

Abigail's Ghost - Black Plastic Sun (2015)

The third album from this US band.

Abigail's Ghost is a quintet on this album with a lineup of keyboards, bass, drums, guitars and vocals.

I have neither had the pleasure to hear their first album, the 2007 album Selling Insincerity or their second album D Letion from 2009. The band was a Porcupine Tree on this albums, according to what I have been told and adviced. That scared me off these two albums and this band.

I have nothing against Porcupine Tree at all. They are not really my cup of tea, though. Well, maybe I should give their final three albums my attention. Maybe I will change my mind. I am always open to new ideas and views.

Abigail's Ghost took a six years long break and returned with Black Plastic Sun. These six years has seen the Porcupine Tree copycats reputation gone. The music is much more quiet and not so hard rocking. It is not hard rocking at all.

The band has moved much more towards Radiohead and Gazpacho on this album. They have moved towards those two groups. But they are still not similar to those two bands. The Polish band Believe is a much more relevant comparison.

The sound is very modern and very 2015 here with some electronica. What sets this album apart is the violin sound created by the keyboads. This violin sound is a key component on some pretty pastoral songs. There are also some guitar solos here.

This album is just over one hour long and it has some fairly good songs. There are no really very good songs and this one hour does not really offers up something special, besides of this violin sound. It is a decent to good album which is well worth checking out.

2.5 points

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