Thursday 16 November 2017

Unitopia - More Than A Dream (2005)

The debut album from this Australian band.

The band was a duo of Sean Timms (keyboards, computers) and Mark Trueack (vocals) at this album. 
The duo had help of some other musicians who provided guitars, bass, drums, woodwinds, percussions and more vocals. 

This band has so far released four albums and have been around the scene as long as I have been around the scene. And I should have reviewed their albums earlier. I am reviewing their three first albums before the end of the year/you will find my reviews of their next two albums somewhere else in this blog.

The music on this album has it's base in neo-prog. From this base, the music goes off in most other direcions. Pop, rock, prog metal, funk, eclectic prog and some symphonic prog. 

Their cool Australian sound shines through too and the vocals from Mark is very good. The music is also good. This is an album which kicks in all directions and has something to offer even for those not into progressive rock. I am a bit lukewarm to this album and awards it a weak Good rating.

3 points 

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