Saturday 4 November 2017

Odd Logic - Penny For Your Thoughts (2016)

The sixth album from this US band.

Odd Logic is Sean Thompson's one man band. He sings and plays all instruments and those include guitars, keyboards, piano, bass, drums and synths. The drums is perhaps drum machines. I do not know.

I am pretty sure I interviewed Sean Thompson for ProgArchives. I have reviewed his fourth album, the 2011 album Over The Underworld. You can read my review here. That was back in May 2011. I have not had the chance to review any other Odd Logic albums.

That is mainly because I am no fan of progressive metal. It is a big No No in my world. Then again, Odd Logic is not really progressive metal. At least, not this album.

Odd Logic is far more than that. Sean has created a pretty eclectic album here. It is a bit all over the place. But there is still a concept and a vision here. It is a coherent album.

It is almost difficult to list influences and labels here. This album range from death metal through power metal, progressive metal to neo-prog and symphonic prog to pop music.

All this in fifty minutes.

The music is complex and good. Not all ideas is good. But there is also some very good stuff here. This is actually a good album and one I like. Maybe I should return to this band and get the rest of their albums too. I am tempted based on this album.

3 points 

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