Friday 10 November 2017

Malicorne - Balançoire En Feu (1981)

The eight album from this French band.

Malicorne was a quintet with a lineup of clavinet, Scottish bagpipe, synths, guitars, bass, drums, mandocello, autoharp, dulcimer, percussions, crumhorn, lyre, vibes, electric piano, tubular bells and vocals. Both male and female French vocals.
Numerous guest musicians contributed their glockenspiel, woodwinds, piano, xylophone and Bulgarian bagpipes.

Malicorne has given me names and sounds of musicial instruments I had no idea even excisted. Just to do the listings on their albums is like a visit into a strange, strange world.

Their music and albums is strange, esoteric happenings in themselves. Their previous albums, see my reviews somewhere else in this blog, is as esoteric as folk rock albums can get, seen from an Anglo-American perspective.

Balancoire En Feu is not as esoteric and vocals focused folk rock dominated as their previous albums. The music is pretty melodic and welcoming here. The band has taken some steps towards the likes of Ange on this album. There is also some, shock horror shock, some pop music influences here.

This album is still an unmistakenly Malicorne album with strong vocals and good music throughout. And this is indeed a pretty good album. Check it out and give Malicorne your attention.

3 points

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