Thursday 9 November 2017

TNNE - Wonderland (2017)

The sixth album from this Luxembourg band.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, keyboards and vocals.

The band released their debut album Zodiak back in 1993 under their previous name No Name. A namer they kept on for their first four albums.
I reviewed their fifth album The Clock That Went Backwards (2014) for # 1 of this blog back in December 2014 and rated it very highly. You can read my review here.

The band plays neo-prog. Unmistaken neo-prog with a lot of Dutch influences.

There is a lot of AOR in their music. Much more on this album than on their previous album. There is also some symphonic prog here.

The vocals are pretty dominant and they are good vocals. They are supported by keyboards and guitars.

The songs are all pretty good. Some really good details adds a lot of value to this album. The band has lost a lot of their own identity on this album and the music sounds a bit generic.

This is still a good album although I am having problems working myself up over the music here. This album is a bit of a step backwards from this band.

3 points

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