Monday 6 November 2017

Horizont - Summer In Town (1986)

The debut album from this Russian band.

Horizont was an eight piece band with a lineup of voices, keyboards, flute, guitars, bass and drums.

This band should not be mistaken with the Swedish band of the same name.

This Russian band released two albums before they gave up the ghost. I will review both albums this month/you can find my review of their second album somewhere else in this blog.

Horizont is a band that falls into the symphonic prog label. At least on this album. Take a classical composer like Sergei Prokiev and mix his music with the likes of ELP and other symphonic prog bands. Then you get this album.

There is some of ELP's dissonans here and a lot of classical music leaning symphonic prog. There is also some references to Yes here. There is also a lot of cinematic music here. And some avant-garde rock too.

This forty minutes long album is a bit dark and brooding too. Most Russian music is like that. It reflects their history. A long bloody history full of suffering. Hence their brooding music. Something reflected on this album.

This is also a good album and a very welcome addition to my collection of symphonic prog albums. Check out this album and you will not be disappointed.

3 points


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