Thursday 16 November 2017

Onevoice - Unexpected Union (2017)

The third album from this US project.

Onevoice is Dan Costello on all instruments and vocals with some help from the guitarist Jason Gold on one track.

I have reviewed his first two albums in # 1 of this blog. You will find these reviews here and here.

Both of those albums got high score by myself. And I know I am not the only one to rate Onevoice very highly.

Don Costello still gives us ethereal symphonic prog-lite. There is a lot of keyboards, organ and piano in the music here. That and his vocals which is also pretty dominating too.

Don Costello very probably knows his strenghts and weaknesses. The music here and on the two previous albums is not playing on his weaknesses. But holy squirrel do he know how to play on his strengths !

Neither is this album outstaying it's welcome with meaningless sounds and misuse of time. Thirty-five minutes is what we get here and not a single wasted note.

This means melodic, ethereal music with lots of very good details. And the music is also very good. It is perhaps not music for the diehard tech and eclectic prog fan out there. But uncomplicated prog also has it's place and it really work on this very good album. Get it from here.

3.5 points

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