Saturday 25 November 2017

Kapela La Chatelier - Incognito (2001)

The second and final album from this Slovenian band.

The band were a quartet with a lineup of flute, saxophones, bass, drums, accordion, trombone, guitars, programming and wx7.

Their 1995 album De Profundis was a good album and it was reviewed in this blog one week ago. Read the review here.

It is a bit sad that the band were a bit ahead of the upsurge in avant-garde/RIO music in the last years. Their music would have found a lot of fans in today's scene.

The band is from the Balkan region and that is something pretty obvious from their music. There is a lot of Balkan jazz and klezmer in their music.

Their music is very much dominated by saxophones playing some really dense avant-garde popjazz. It is neither jazz or pop. It is totally out there in the avant-garde area.
A bit of a reference is Present from Belgium. Besides of that, I am a bit speachless when met with this forty-five minutes long album.

The music both melodic and harsh avant-garde'ish. A bit of a mixed bag. And I like what I hear. It certainly blows my brain free of any cobwebs. This is a good avant-garde album from a band who deserves a lot of attention.

3 points 

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