Sunday 5 November 2017

Hammer. Jan - The First Seven Days (1975)

The debut album from this US musician.

Jan Hammer does all the keyboards, synths, Mellotrons, Moogs, drums, piano and electronics here. He has got help from two other musicians on violin, congas and percussion.

I remember Jan Hammer from the very successful, the ultra 1980s TV series Miami Vice. Nothing was and still is more 1980s than this TV series. Jan Hammer did the music here and it was some good music too. But he still got this "naff and uncool" reputation in my household after that.
Some years ago, I learned that he was also a member of Mahavishnu Orchestra. So everything was forgiven and I started to look out for some of his albums. His listing in ProgArchives also helped.

The First Seven Days has been described as an opera. Well, there is no voices here and hardly anything else than Jan Hammer on a piano and tangents. The artwork looks a lot more lively than the music.

This is indeed classical music and I am no friends of classical music. Neither do I like piano/synths based ambient music. This album is both of them.

There is some good and half decent stuff on this forty minutes long album and it is highly rated. But not by me. This is a decent album which does not represent the rest of his works. I hope not.

2 points

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