Saturday 22 July 2017

Stormy Six - Macchina Maccheronica (1980)

The seventh album from this Italian band.

Stormy Six was a nine piece big band with a lineup of trombone, vibraphone, saxophone, cello, clarinet, guitar, bass, drums, violin, mandolin and Italian vocals.

Their last album, L'Apprendista was a great album. One of the best RIO/avant-garde albums I have ever heard. So I was looking forward to sink my ears into Macchina Maccheronica.

Three years had passed since L'Apprendista. There are still a lot of similar ideas in Macchina Maccheronica. But there differences too.....

This forty-eight minutes long album is packed full of RIO and avant-garde. The music is chamber-rock with a few electric guitars thrown in. The music is very typical Stormy Six.

There is one big difference though. There are no really great songs here. Most of the music is too dense with whimsical melodies and themes. The music become avant-garde for the sake of avant-garde.

Most of the album is good though. There are even a few great ideas here. Nevertheless, some of the music and themes here lacks a coherent structure. Hence my rating.

3 points

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