Monday 10 July 2017

Orion - Lunatic Asylum (2017)

The debut album from this band from Tblisi, Georgia.

Orion is a quartet on this album with a lineup of guitars, synths, bass, drums, sampling and vocals.

Georgia's contributions to the world has so far been Josef Stalin and some good folk and prog rock bands. I have also heard that their wine and other agricultural products are excellent. The nature in Georgia is also supposed to be great. Maybe I should go there one day......

Orion has released their album as a name-your-price album on Bandcamp.

This album has been listed as Crossover Prog in ProgArchives and that made me dive in and download this album. Then choosing it for review. No reviews in ProgArchives also made me wanting to give this album my time.

Lunatic Asylum is a bit of a.... ehh..... lunatic asylum. But not insane enough for my tastes. What we get here is a mix of nu-metal, grunge, prog metal and a tea-spoon worth of progressive rock. The synths and bass sometimes comes up with some strange atonal details which makes what we get here a bit more interesting.

But not interesting enough. The band does a great job. But nu-metal and grunge is not really my thing. Even when some neo-prog takes over and the album becomes a bit more melodic does this album fail to get to me. It is a decent enough album in my view. Check it out yourself and disagree with me.

2 points 

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