Saturday 22 July 2017

D Project. The - Shimmering Lights (2006)

The debut album from this Canadian band.

The D Project was a one man band run by Stephane Desbiens from the Canadian band Sense. He did the vocals plus guitars, keyboards and mellotron.
Stephane Desbiens had help from the likes of Martin Orford, Tomas Bodin, Fred Schendel plus some other guests who provided drums, bass, xtra keyboards, chapman stick, mellotron, synths, moog and backing vocals.

The D Project has so far released four albums and I am intending to review these four albums this summer/you can read reviews of their three other albums somewhere else in this blog.

The D Project and this album is a rather ambitious entity. The start off point is neo-prog. IQ and Arena is a good reference. So is the US symphonic prog band Glass Hammer too. Add some prog metal too and you get this album. And you can off course add Stephane Desbiens second band Sense too as a reference.

The sound is big and most of the music is very bombastic. And it is well played, taken the musicians into consideration too. The male and (sporadic) female vocals is very good.

The only thing lacking here is some good songs. There is none. But this band and Stephane Desbiens has shown enough promise to warrant checking out this album and their three other albums too.

2.5 points


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