Thursday 27 July 2017

Stormy Six - Al Volo (1982)

The eight and final album from this Italian band.

Stormy Six was a quintet on this album with a lineup of guitars, bass, drums, piano, vibraphone, clavinet, organs and Italian vocals.

Stormy Six started out as a folk rock band back in 1969. Their first three albums was folk rock albums. Then they changed direction again and became a great RIO/avant-garde band. Their 1980 album Macchina Maccheronica, the one preceeding La Volo, was a totally over the top RIO album. Their best RIO album is the 1977 album L'Apprendista. Both has been reviewed in this album.

And now the band has totally changed direction again.

Take a big chunk of post-punk and add another big chunk of RPI - Italian symphonic prog. That is what we get here.

The music is very minimalistic with a great deal of cold, desolate synths. The vocals is also very cold.

The music is rather good though.... OK, it is not great. But the melodies are all good. I have my reservations and I am probably never going to play this album again. But it is still a good post-punk RPI album. A good minus has been rewarded.

3 points

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