Monday 24 July 2017

Nostradamus The Tank Engine - Nostradamus The Tank Engine (2012)

The debut album from this US band.

Nostradamus The Tank Engine was sextet with a lineup of violin, flutes, percussions, drums, gongs, bass, guitars, mellotron, piano, dulcimer, cello, mandolin and some vocals.

This album is the only lifesign from this band. They have a website, but no activity. So I guess that's it from this band. This album, that is.

I have no idea what they mean with this band-name either. Neither does I know what the meaning of the artwork is either. The album was released through Bandcamp.

The music is a pretty decadent mix of jazz, post-rock, avant-garde and eclectic progressive rock. It is kind of Frank Zappa meets Sigur Ros.

Most of this album is instrumental. The vocals is mostly used as sound effects. The music is also very downtuned and at times; cinematic.

The mix and mastering is almost criminal bad. These fifty minutes does not really come across as an overwhelming good experience. Mostly due to the very bad mix and sound.

The end result is a decent album which is good on paper, but only decent when arriving from the speakers and headphones. Give the album a try if you want.

2 points


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