Sunday 23 July 2017

Out Of Focus - Four Letter Monday Afternoon (1972)

The third album from this German band.

Out Of Focus was a quintet on this album with a lineup of saxophone, flutes, stylophone, guitars, bass, drums, organ, piano and English vocals. Guest musicians provided woodwinds and bongos.

Out Of Focus started out as a folky progressive rock band before they moved to fusion and now to the music on this album. Three pretty different albums, in other words.

Four Letter Monday Afternoon is a cosmic krautrock album. Cosmic krautrock with a lot of Soft Machine at their most avant-garde and some other jazzy bands. There is also a lot of space rock on this album. In short; cosmic krautrock.

A lot of the music on this album is solos and improvised music. If not all of this album. The song... make that, track structures is very loose with a lot of guitars and woodwinds.

There are some sporadic vocals here. But most of this album is instrumental and spaced out into the outer space. Which makes this an interesting adventure.... This forty odd minutes long album.

There is some good stuff here and some not so good stuff. The end result is a fairly good album who sits somewhere between decent and good. Check out this album if krautrock fuels your spaceship.

2.5 points

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