Friday 21 July 2017

Chac Mool - Nadie en Especial (1980)

The debut album from this Mexican band.

Chac Mool was a quintet with a lineup of synths, keyboards, cello, drums, percussions, mellotron, flute, bass, mandolin, guitars and Spanish vocals.

Chac Mool is perhaps an unknown band to you all. But they released three albums between 1980 and 1984. After a long break, their fourth and final album was released in year 2000.

The band is listed as a folk prog band in ProgArchives. That is promising. The additon of Mellotron is also promising.

What we get is folk rock influenced pop and rock. Mostly mainstream rock with some post-punk influences.

There are some sporadic prog rock here. But the album is most of all a melting pot of everything the band thought sounded clever and slightly commercial anno 1980. The synth sounds false here.

The album is saved from the turkey yard by a couple of decent songs and some half-clever use of flute and Mellotron. Besides of that, this forty odd minutes long album is rather forgetable.

2 points

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