Wednesday 26 July 2017

Carptree - Emerger (2017)

The sixth album from this Swedish band.

Carptree is a duo with a lineup of keyboards, guitars and English vocals. They are helped out by the No Future Orchestra who provides background vocals, bass, synth, percussions, bouzouki and drums.

I reviewed their fifth album, the 2010 album Nymph back in March 2010.  It has taken them seven years to come up with a follow up album.

Was it worth the wait ?

Emerger is a mix of symphonic prog and neo-prog. The music is much closer to the English and the US symphonic prog scene than the Swedish symphonic prog scene. The likes of The Flower Kings and Kaipa in other words...
There are also a lot of references to the RPI scene (the Italian symphonic prog scene) in their sound and music.

The music is pretty big and monumental. It is mid-heavy without really descending into prog metal.
The vocals is very good with some really good guitars and keyboards too.

The music is very good throughout. There is no great tracks here though. But this album is still one to get if symphonic prog and neo prog is your thing.

3.5 points

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