Tuesday 25 July 2017

Chac Mool - Sueños de Metal (1981)

The second album from this Mexican band.

Chac Mool is a quintet on this album with a lineup of flute, bass, guitars, keyboards, percussions, drums and Spanish vocals.

I reviewed their debut album Nadie en Especial (from 1980) a few days ago and rated it as a decent album.

Chac Mool is a band somewhere between folk rock and symphonic prog. Well, that was not entirely the case on their debut album. But Suenos de Metal sees the band adopting this style.

The keyboards creates a strings quartet and there is lots of strings here. The music is though rooted in pop and folk rock. That with a lot of symphonic prog too.

The music is pretty pastoral and commercial. There are some New Romantics pop music here too. Oh yes, this album is a mix of most genres. That is, there is no heavy or even fast music here. The tempo is slow to mid-tempo.

This thirty-five minutes long album contains some pretty good vocals too. The music is a slight improvement on their debut album. But not by much so I am still sticking to a decent rating. I don't think I am signing on as a fan of this band.

2 points 

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