Sunday 30 July 2017

Magenta - We Are Legend (2017)

The eight album from this British band.

Magenta was a quintet on this band with the usual culprits Rob Reed, Christina Booth and Chris Fry complemented by Jon Griffits on drums and Dan Nelson on bass.

I am no denying that I am a minor fan of this band. They and Mostly Autumn is the best female fronted vocals progressive rock band in the scene right now. A throne they have shared for the best part of fifteen years.

Where the new Mostly Autumn album was merely a good album, Magenta steps in and.... read the rest of this review.

Magenta has, not to my satisfaction, moved towards less complicated progressive rock on their previous two albums, Chameleon and The Twenty Seven Club (see my reviews somewhere else in this blog). We Are Legend are a different beast, though.

We Are Legend is a return to their first albums. The fifty minutes of music here is dense and pretty sophisticated complex. Well, the music is full on sophisticated complex.

You get soaring guitar solos, soaring vocals, complex rhythms and big, monumental songs. Three songs, no less. The longest song, Trojan, clocks in at twenty-six minutes. The two other songs are on average eleven minutes long.

Christina Booth's vocals is great and the other musicians is doing a great job too. There is no great tracks here. But this is still a very good album and one to please those of us who really believe in and appreciate this band. Get this album !!

3.5 points 

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