Monday 17 February 2020

Tolar. JS - The Continuum (2014)

The debut album from this US band.

To my knowledge, this band is a guy called J.S Tolar on guitars and most other instruments. There is a drummer involved too. The lineup is guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals.

Two albums has been released so far and both are available on CD Baby/Amazon and Bandcamp.

The music is a mix of neo-prog and progressive metal. There is also some djent here.

Porcupine Tree is a good references here.

The occasional piano pieces softens up the music and overall impression of this album. An album with some harsh guitar riffs and pretty melodic vocals.

The sound is really good and punchy.

Overall, the music is  more progressive metal than neo-prog. The music is fairly good and the music will be more to the liking for progressive metal fans than neo-prog and more traditional progressive rock fans.

This is a decent to good album though. JS Tolar is a welcome addition to the prog scene too.

2.5 points

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