Tuesday 25 February 2020

Hammill. Peter - Nadir's Big Chance (1975)

The fifth album from this British artist.

Peter Hammill does the clavinet, electric piano, piano, bass, guitars and vocals himself.
Three other musicians, all from Van Der Graaf Generator, contributes with organ, bass, electric piano, drums, tambourine, flute, saxophones and backing vocals.

The fifth album from this very productive artist.

The lineup on this album is the same as Van Der Graaf Generator. Is it a VDGG album ?


The music is singer-songwriter with a lot of dissonances and a very dark sound. VDGG fans will recognize the sound. But not the music.

The vocals are pretty harsh at times. The harshness is shared by the saxophones who together creates some dissonance. This is by no means a normal singer-songwriter album.

The vocals is also pretty good too and the rest of the musicians does a good job.

The music are all good and this is another good example why Peter Hammill is onto something in his solo-career.... and in Van Der Graaf Generator.

3 points

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