Sunday 16 February 2020

Apairys - Vers La Lumière (2019)

The debut album from this French band.

The band is a trio with a lineup of keyboards, bass, guitars, drums and French vocals.

This album was released during the final month of last year and immediate made an impact. It got a "must check out" reputation. Some even rates it as one of the best albums of last year.

So what is all this about ?

The band has obviously been listening to French symphonic prog a lot. Ange springs to mind. There is also some folk rock here.

There is also a very strong element of progressive metal here. Most will label this somewhere between progressive metal and symphonic prog. And that is what I will do.

The vocals are really cool and gives an Ange feel. So does some of the melodies here. The music is very much drawing on the French music and culture too. No matter how much progressive metal you find here, you can still feel the chanson singers like Jaqcues Brel in the back of the sound.

The cover art-work also gives this album an ambience.

The songs on this almost fifty minutes long album is good to very good. It is obvious that this is a new very talented band from France and a very welcome one too. Check out this very good album.

3.5 points

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