Thursday 6 February 2020

Blind Ego - Preaching To The Choir (2020)

The fourth album from this German band.

The band is a quintet with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars, synths, keyboards and vocals.

I pretty much liked their 2016 album Liquid and has reviewed this album somewhere else in this blog. The band consists of RPWL and Sylvan members plus some other musicians.

Blind Ego are pretty experienced musicians and that shows in their sound.

The music on this album is pretty hard neo-prog bordering to progressive metal throughout the album. The cover art-work is not misleading the buyer and the listener.

The music is still melodic though and is firmly rooted in the German neo-prog scene.

The vocals are really good and there is also some good vocals here.

I cannot say this album enthuses me. But it is still a good album.

I hope their next efforts will be of a better quality, though.

3 points

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