Thursday 28 September 2017

Skin Alley - Two Quid Deal ? (1972)

The third album from this British band.

Skin Alley was a quartet with a lineup of accordion, Hammond organ, bass, guitars, drums, piano, electric piano, saxophone, flute, percussion and vocals.

I have reviewed their two first albums and I cannot say their outputs has impressed me. You can find these reviews here and here. I have decided not to bother about their fourth and final album.

The band was a jazz/fusion band. Urban fusion, I think is the proper genre. At least on this album. An album released after they were dropped from CBS (who released their first two albums). Two Quid Deal was released on a folk-rock label.

But here is no folk-rock on this album. Take urban fusion and then add a lot of funk and hard rock. That is what you get on this album.

Party rock is perhaps not a bad label either. The music is very lively and hard. Hard but not heavy. The Hammond organs and flutes are really cool here. The band also knows how to jazz too on this album. But it is mostly funk here.

The result is not too bad. OK, this is not a good album. But this three quarters of an hour long album is not a bad album either. I would label it a decent album which or maybe not deserve a place in a record collection.

2 points

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