Monday 25 September 2017

Napoli Centrale - Mattanza (1976)

The second album from this Italian band.

The band was a quintet on this album with a lineup of keyboards, Fender piano, saxophone, bass, percussion, drums and vocals.

I liked their 1975 debut album a lot and you can find my review of that album here. A good promising album.

.... A promise the band tried to live up to on Mattanza. The album starts with some Area and Frank Zappa type of weird vocals and general weirdness before the album evolves into something else.

That something else is a mix of Soft Machine, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. The saxophone and the Fender piano is driving the jazz forward. There is still some space for some Area/Frank Zappa type of vocals and use of voices as a rhythm instrument.

This fifty minutes album is most definate an Italian jazz album as you can hear their influences from Italian progressive and avant-garde rock here. Made In Italy indeed.

And this is indeed a good album too. It does not have any really great track. But I am enjoying this album indeed. It has it's qualities.

3 points

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