Sunday 24 September 2017

Birzer Bandana - Becoming One (2017)

The debut album from this British band.

Birzer Bandana is actually a trio with one member from Salander and two others. The instruments are bass, drum programming, violin, guitars, synths, drums, piano, organ, mellotron and vocals.

The result was released through Bandcamp and you can check out the album here

Salander is now in hiatus after their member Dave Bandana moved from the cold British isles to Lanzarote. He asked Brad Birzer from the organisation and website Progarchy to come up with a concept and lyrics Dave could make and album of. Hence the name of this band and why this project came to light.

The music here is a bit dreamy spaced out symphonic prog with some strong hippie and ambient music references. The music is not particular dynamic and fast. It is much more based on moods and quiet soundscapes. Those are also created by the computer generated vocals from Dave.

The result is an almost fifty minutes long album. An album which is quite OK without really impressing me. It is nice on the ears but a bit short on substance. Hence, it is somewhere between decent and good in my estimation.

2.5 points

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