Monday 4 September 2017

Baraka - Trinity (2012)

The eight and so far final album from this Japanese band.

The band was a trio with a lineup of synths, bass, drums and guitars.

I have reviewed their last three albums and I have not become a fan of this band. That to my regret as I was really looking forward to reviewing the four Baraka albums I have got. You can read my reviews and opinions about the previous three albums somewhere else in this blog.

On those albums I have got, the band has always operated in or somewhere near the fusion genre. Their fusion has been all over the place and not always good.

Baraka has thankfully added a lot more synths to their sound and made their brand of fusion a lot warmer and mainstream fusion. Not as in mainstream music, but as in mainstream fusion.

There is still some Japanese influences here. But this album is much more US fusion orientated than before.

This forty-six minutes long album is also lacking a bit in the good songwriting department. The middle part of this album is not good. But the final three tracks makes up for these errors.

The end result is barely a good album and one fusion fans will perhaps like. I have my reservations, but it is still a good album. Will we ever hear anything more from this band ? I hope so.

3 points

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