Friday 15 September 2017

Edhels - Angel's Promise (1997)

The fifth album from this Monaco based band.

Edhels is a quartet with a lineup of keyboards, drums, bass, percussion, guitars and vocals.

I reviewed their 1988 album Still Dream and their 1991 album Astro Logical back in November last year (2016). I think it is fair to say that I hated them and I therefore gave up on this band. My reviews are here and here.
One year later and my wounds has (to a large extent) healed and I reviewing Angel's Promise and Saltimbanques this month. Starting with.....

Angel's Promise. Seventy minutes and thirteen tracks long. The artwork does not promise a lot.

There is a lot of loooooooong and not so interesting guitar solos in the beginning. They sounds like someone loves their guitar, but have not fully understood what to do with it and the purpose of a guitar. Or the purpose of a music instrument, for that matter. I love great guitar solos. But guitar solos can also be very dull. Like for example on this album.

Then there is some vocals and some gothic type of vocals and music too before the album ends with some more looooooooooong instrumental parts with keyboards and guitars.

Edhels is still not really impressing me. The art of creating good music has bypassed them on at least the three albums I have heard from them. This album is merely decent and just that. Some decent music saves it from the turkey yard. But just about....

1.5 points

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