Thursday 7 September 2017

Dice - X is Double Two on the DICE Map (2016)

The 18th album from this German band.

Dice was a quintet on this album with a lineup of keyboards, bass, drums, guitars, harmonica and English vocals.

Dice has been releasing an album every year now for a while. I have just got their brand new album and a review will soon be published/you will find a review of that album somewhere else in this blog.

Their 2015 album Son.Sister.Sun was a good album. See my review here.

After some changes of directions during their earlier years (I have been told), the band has now settled for rock with a large psychedelic flavour. I would not label their music as psychedelic rock although their music is sailing close to that genre.

Nevertheless, there is a lot of differences between their music and straight forward rock. The inclusion of harmonica which is often used in their music gives the band and the music an eccentric flavour. The not much used synth is also good.

The vocals is not great. But it is OK and it fits this music. The guitars, bass and drums is good.

The music too is good. It flows nicely and the psychedelic flavours adds something very good to the songs on this one hour, five songs long album. The songs are more like suites and really works out very well.

This is a good album from a good band which deserves some more attention.

3 points

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