Tuesday 26 September 2017

Eider Stellaire - Eider Stellaire II (1986)

The second album from this French band.

Eider Stellaire was a trio with a lineup of piano, guitars, bass, percussion and French vocals. The trio was supported by three guest musicians who provided flute, percussion and harp-synths.

I actually reviewed their debut album Eider Stellaire I back in November 2014 for # 1 of this blog. You can read the review here. Why I did not review all their three albums back in 2014 is beyond me. But I am completing that job these days.

Eider Stellaire is a zeuhl band. So much is true. They sound more like Eskaton than Magma. Nevertheless, the Magma influences are pretty obvious.

Where Magma went for a much more dark and theatrical form for zeuhl, Eider Stellaire (and Eskaton) went for a much more jazz focused version of zeuhl. There is different directions within the zeuhl genre and their direction is pretty unique.  

The music on this half an hour long/short album is also pretty light and uplifting. Not that zeuhl as a genre is uplifting. But the music here is light on the ear and not particular dark. The bass here is not so dissonant and the vocals, which is wordless, is also pretty light.

In short, a jazzy zeuhl album with some good stuff. It is an overall good album which is not among the best zeuhl albums out there.

3 points

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