Saturday 2 September 2017

Gabriel & Marie Yacoub - Pierre De Grenoble (1973)

The one and only album from this French duo...... or the debut album from Malicorne.

Man and wife Yacoub supplied acoustic guitars, dulcimer, bouzouki, banjo and French vocals on this album. They were helped out by a lot of guest musicians who supplied the likes of Breton bagpipes, violin, viola, bass, tambourines and some other excotic acoustic instruments.

This duo later became Malicorne. It is now incorporated into the Malicorne discography. But I have chosen to let it be a free standing album on my way to review all the Malicorne albums/you will find my Malicorne album reviews somewhere else in this blog.

Gabriel & Marie Yacoub gives us some very primitive and slow French folk music here. It may be some regional folk music too. The use of Breton bagpipes may indicate that.

The music sounds exotic too me as it is really acoustic and has a medieval feel. I don't understand or speak French so the lyrics Mrs and Mr Yacoub is singing does not make any sense to me. But the vocals are good.

The music is too primitive and not enough melodic or even exciting for my liking. This is not really a bad album. But it is a pretty vocals dominated album with not much free standing music. Check it out if this sounds good to you.

2 points

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