Monday 29 May 2017

Vitaro - Memories of Tomorrow's Past (2017)

The debut album from this USA based one-man band.

Vitaro is the creative vehicle for Jairo R Rodriguez who plays everything here. He is based in Florida and I guess he from a Cuban or a South American heritage. His English has a strong Spanish/Portuguese accent. The songs has both English and Spanish/Portuguese vocals.
Besides of that, Jairo plays everything here. His main instrument is guitars.

Vitaro was created to give the world something more than 4 chords music. He claims that his music is therefore unique..... Well, it is not. Please explore ProgArchives to find a lot of new bands who is not 4 chords based.... Or you can even explore this blog, the one you are reading now. There is not many, if any, 4 chords bands here.

Nitpicking aside, the music here is a mix of David Gilmour era Pink Floyd like rock, a bit neo-prog and some progressive metal.

The music is nice throughout and Jairo knows how to write songs. There is a lot of one-man projects and bands around now. Projects far more exciting as this one. There is not much excitement here as the music is pretty safe and not that intriguing.

Jairo's music is pretty much true to the melodic rock formulas and does not venture far from those rules. The songs are OK, but not really that good. It is an acceptable debut album though and one to build upon. But it is not an unique gift to the world, Jairo...... The wheel has already been invented.

2.5 points 

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