Friday 26 May 2017

Karmakanic - Dot (2016)

The fifth and so far latest album from this Swedish band.

The band owner Jonas Reingold had with him a quintet on this album with a lineup of bass, drums, keyboards, piano, guitars and English vocals. Guest musicians supplied Hammond organ, sax, vocals and guitars.

The creative output from this band, a The Flower Kings associated band, has been a mixed bag. Their music has sometimes been a more simplified and funkier version of The Flower Kings creative outputs.

This is also true for this fifty minutes long album.

Fifty minutes is a surprisingly short album. But the more recent trend in the symphonic prog scene has (thankfully !!) been shorter and much more concise albums where the fillers has been omitted. A very healthy new trend. Get slim and fit. I like that. Unfortunate, my body is still a triple CD......

The band continues on from their previous albums. The music is a much more simplified, poppier version of a The Flower Kings album. There is a lot of good hooks and verses here. A lot of memorable stuff.

I have always felt that this band's music is a bit short on substance. There is not enough dept here to really satisfy me over many listening sessions. That aside, this is a good album from a good band. Their best album is still the 2008 album Who Is The Boss In The Factory. But this album will suffice until their next album.

3 points

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