Friday 5 January 2018

Patto - Patto (1970)

The debut album from this British band.

Patto was a quartet with a lineup of guitars, piano, bass, drums and vocals.

Patto was named after the vocalist Mike Patto, a man who died far too early of cancer, aged 36. His vocals is great and his passing was another loss of a great British vocalist. See my Strawbs review below for another vocalist who passed away shortly before Mike Patto passed away.

The band released four albums and I will review all of them this winter/you will find reviews of their three other albums somewhere else in this blog.

Patto's music is a bit difficult to pinpoint and label. Their base is rhythm'n'blues. The musicians was better, far better, than run of the mill blues musicians. This album is therefore full of interesting details which takes this album pretty close to progressive rock too.

There are also a lot of soul on this album too. There is even a fusion runout on this forty minutes long album.

I would not rate this as a good album. But it is close to being a good album. It is one to check out. Go so forth.

2.5 points


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