Monday 20 March 2017

Jeronimo - Time Ride (1972)

The third and final album from this German band.

The band was a trio on this album with a lineup of bass, drums, guitars and English vocals.

The band was pretty popular during their all too brief life. They went up like a rocket, burnt out and then disappeared somewhere in the wilderness, never to be heard of again. But Youtube has their three albums. This has secured this band's immortality. Which is a great thing.

Their music, their three albums, deserves to be heard and enjoyed again by both old and young people. Both those who were there and their children and grand-children. I am great believer in making albums like this available for new people and potential fans.

This German band, rumoured to be US army personell serving in Germany at that time, has again kept themselves pretty close to their blues roots. That and a lot of hard rock. Southern rock too.

But they have also incorporated a lot of krautrock into their music. This album starts of with a couple of Led Zeppelin'ish tracks. Led Zeppelin anno their debut album. That before they calm down and goes into a much more krautrock landscape. There are some psych rock on this forty minutes long album too. Even some space rock too.

Most of all, this is a bluesy rocking krautrock album.

The quality is not that great or even good though. It is a decent album from a band who really deserves a lot more respect and attention from old and new generations of rock fans. I am really glad I got to know their three albums.

2 points

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