Tuesday 2 February 2021

Marquette - Human Reparation (2015)

The debut album from this duo from Germany.

The duo contributes drums, keyboards and guitars.

Numerous guest musicians adds bass, piano, keyboards, orchestra and vocals.

Marquette released their second album last year and I may get a copy of it and review it. At the moment, I only got this album.

Marquette is one of those eighty minutes long or longer albums containing one member and then being supported by numerous guest musicians. 

In the case of this album, there is two members in this band.

As I expected, the music is concept like and comes with a very big sound. 

There are a lot of rock opera feel here too. 

Long instrumental parts follows songs and they again are followed by long instrumental parts. This is the formula and I am OK with that.

It is great that someone is willing to take huge risks by making albums like this. 

The music is also good throughout. It is a bit on the bland side though and there is not many sparks here.

I hope their 2020 album is more sparkling than this album.

3 points




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